ILT-DSMP: Ivanti DSM Packaging (Germany) 2020

3 modules



Course Length
40 hours

Paul Stone

22 Nov 2019


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The Ivanti DSM Packaging course is a three-day training course covering concepts and principles within the DSM Suite. Students will learn the Common Foundational Skills (CFS) shared in the DSM suite, which will lead the participant through how to configure and manage the key infrastructure of DSM, including deployment of clients, client components and interactions, different types of packages, managing of sequence, technical dependencies, testing of packages, patch packages, and software targeting.


By combining classroom training with scenario based hands-on exercises, students are empowered with the practical knowledge and skills needed to effectively administer the DSM Suite. You will learn:

  • Introduction to the system and basic concepts
    • Infrastructure
    • Computer & user
    • Global software library
  • Deployment of DSM clients
  • Client components and their interactions
  • Different types of packages
    • Repackaging of legacy applications by DSM-Spy
    • Import of MSI packages
    • Installation and deinstallation of applications by silent setup
    • Configuration package – concept and scenarios of use
    • Scripting with the proprietary NetInstall scripting language
    • Scripting support for WSH and PowerShell
    • Packaging of Plug-and-Play drivers
    • Patch packages
  • Dependencies of packages and management of sequences
  • Characteristics of packages like reboot management, compliance enforcement and others
  • Testing of packages, pilot installations and rollout
  • Software targeting / concepts
  • Revisioning of packages
  • Logfiles and trouble shooting
  • Tips & Tricks


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate General Use Certificate of Completion

Learning Credits

ILT-DSMP-1701: Ivanti DSM Packaging (Germany)
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ILT-DSMP-1701: Ivanti DSM Packaging (Germany) 2020 - In Person Attendance

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