ILT-EMPRV-1701: Provisioning (1 Day) - 2019

7 modules



Course Length
8 hours

Keith Oliverson

18 Mar 2019


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The Provisioning 2017 (1 Day) class is designed for those looking to brush up on their knowledge regarding OS provisioning. This course introduces provisioning capabilities in Endpoint Manager for capturing and deploying images with provisioning templates. Additional functionality, including more template functionality, is explored. This ILO class is taught live, is fully interactive and includes the use of a live Endpoint Manager environment throughout the day. Students will also receive the Student Guide and Exercise Manual for the class.

Course ID: ILO-EMPRV-1701

Duration: 1 Day

Prerequisites: This is not an advanced class, however, it is strongly recommended that you are familiar with Endpoint Manager architecture, concepts, and terminology in order to get the most out of this class. It is also recommended that you attend the ILO-EMSWD-1701: Software Distribution 2017 (ILO) course before attending this class.

Level: Intermediate User

Certification Available: No

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  • Learn how to use OS Provisioning in agent-based and PXE-based situations
  • Understand the OS Provisioning architecture
  • Understand the use of templates
  • Conditional branching
  • Using variables
  • Create boot media
  • How to implement hardware independent imaging using OS Provisioning
  • Understand and use Self Selecting Multicast™ technology


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate General Use Certificate of Completion

ILO-EMPRV-1701: Provisioning 2017 (ILO) USA/MST Remote (1/10/19)
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ILO-EMPRV-1701: Provisioning 2017 (ILO) USA/MST Remote (2/21/19)
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ILO-EMPRV-1701: Provisioning 2017 (ILO) USA/MST Remote (3/28/19)
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ILT-EMPRV-1701: Provisioning (1 Day) - 2019 (USA/MDT REMOTE) June 27, 2019
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ILT-EMPRV-1701: Provisioning (1 Day) - 2019 ( USA/MDT REMOTE) September 19, 2019
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ILT-EMPRV-1701: Provisioning (1 Day) - 2019 (USA/MST REMOTE) December 19, 2019
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